Steven G. Prassas, PartnerB.A.,DIP Law (S.A.B.) Public Notary 


Admitted to:

Supreme Court of NSW 1983

High Court of Australia 1986

Appointed as Public Notary 1995

Mediator (LEADR Panel)



Law Society of NSW

Society of Notaries



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Franchises – What you need to know

Expertise in Franchise Law

Steven Prassas, partner of Comino Prassas Franchise Lawyers and Solicitors has over 20 years experience providing legal advice in all aspects of Franchising and Franchsing Law. Comino Prassas Sydney Franchise Lawyers specialise in Franchising Law and provide professional expertise and services that are client-driven and cost effective.


What is Franchising?

Franchising is not a business itself, but a way of doing business. It is essentially a marketing concept, an innovative method of distributing goods and services.


Franchising can be described as:

A specialised commercial contract under which the owner of a marketing system, business, service or product which is identified by brand name or trade mark (the Franchisor) grants to another person (the Franchisee) under certain conditions and subject to the exercise of controls, the right to use the brand name or trade mark and/or the system and engage in business for the purpose of distributing the product or service.


Before entering into a Franchise agreement:

Comino Prassas Sydney Franchise Lawyers will provide you with professional and legal advice regarding your rights and obligations in relation to legal and commercial consequences of the business contract you are contemplating entering into.


Do you have a dispute with your Franchisor?

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes with Franchisors through negotiation, mediation and where necessary initiating court proceedings in the event of a breach of the franchise agreement or other relevant legislation.


Thinking of buying or selling a franchise business?

We provide legal advice on the terms and conditions of the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Documents and commercial and business advice based on our extensive experience in dealing with many franchise businesses.


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