John N. Comino, Partner

DIP Law (S.A.B.) Public NotaryAdmitted to: Supreme Court of New South Wales 1974 High Court of Australia 1976 Appointed as Notary Public 1985



Specialist in Property Law



Law Society of NSW

Society of Notaries



PRD Nationwide Bondi Junction
Ray White Double Bay

Property Law


Buying or selling a block of Land, a Home Unit or a House, is not only one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives, it can also be a very stressful one.


As an accredited specialist in Property Law, John Comino has undertaken exacting tests to demonstrate his experience and knowledge in this area of the Law.


John Comino will provide care and specialist advice to protect you from risk by identifying potential issues which may affect the purchase or sale of your property.


Recent examples where John has provided our clients with professional advice and his considerable experience has been of valuable benefit, include:


• cases identifying and resolving boundary issues;

• managing property sales where the seller was a Company in Liquidation;

• negotiating contract conditions to avoid pitfalls in the purchase of ‘Off-the-Plan’ property;

• contract interpretation identifying title problems, caveats or other hidden issues which could potentially contribute to escalated costs.

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